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April Swales

Take a Trip, Make a Difference

Those who travel know this well. The places we visit — whether it’s a state park near home or a safari in an exotic locale — have the power to change us in many ways, both simple and profound. We learn about ourselves and others, about being able to deal with uncertainty, about gratitude, about being in the moment and appreciating the world and extraordinary people around us.

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April Swales

6 Money-Saving Smartphone Apps for Your Summer Travel

As you get ready to embark on your own summer vacation, here’s a quick list of smartphone apps that can help you get organized, find great deals, and save you money along the way. Waze – Whether your trip involves a lot of road travel, or you just want to find a faster way to

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April Swales

Snuggle up to These Amazing and Romantic Island Getaways

Whether you’re planning a proposal or you’re looking to rekindle the spark in a long-term relationship, there’s nothing quite like a beach to bring out the romantic in us. Here are five places — for all kinds of tastes — where you can sit, sip, swim, hold hands, and just take in the majesty of

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